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What our customers say about us
speechJust realised I had totally forgotten to write and tell you that the image quality you have provided in my Cinema is FANTASTIC. You have done many setups for me over the years, but wow - the latest one is the best ever. I was watching a BBC 2 programme in HD and I kept pausing it to admire the colours. Absolutely amazing. You just cannot beat a properly setup calibrated image. It is like I am watching a completely different projector. Truly fantastic and I cannot thank you enough.marks
Alex, Surrey, March 2014 - JVC X35, Lumagen XS-3D

speechHi Gordon, just to let you know that I am finding your calibration a marked improvement over xxxxx's settings, so thank you very muchmarks
Mr X, Decemeber 2013, Panasonic ZT60 plasma

speechI watched Doctor Zhivago last night, looked great! Thank you for all your efforts over the past two days, the results are definitely worth it.marks
Robin, Catalonia, Christmas 2013, JVC X35 and Lumagen 2021

Asad, Manchester, July 2013 - PanasonicVT50 x 2, Pioneer 5080, JVC X75, Lumagen 20xx series processors

speechJust to say Tx so much for yesterday. The picture improvement is astonishing. Would have been great to chat some more about the technology etc. I hope we meet again in the not too distant futuremarks
Sony1000ES 4K 2 Projector, Radiance 2041 with Lightspace, Peter in Brussels

speechJust wanted to thank you for coming up and doing such a fantastic job yesterday. The picture looks absolutely amazing. I watched a couple of BDs last night and can also see the benefits of the Darbee working too so very pleased to have that on board. I should have bought a Lumagen years ago but am delighted now to get the best out of my plasma! marks
Panasonic ZT65, Radiance 2022, 125 point calibration with Lightspace, Ian in Stratford Upon Avon

speechJust to say, thanks for dropping in yesterday and performing your magic. I can't believe the difference. The images are so solid that you feel you could just reach out and touch them. When we watched Jools Holland last night Jane described it as looking at first class photography in an expensive magazine. And the perceived depth in the images, WOW!marks
Pioneer5090, Radiance XD 125 point LUT calibration using Lightspace, Tony in Wales

speechHad Gordon over today to recallibrate my kit ... Jvc pj replacement from jvc, and panny gt50 and paired up with my radiance xd. Super job as always and the new cms settings applied to the radiance has breathed new life into my visual experiencemarks
JVC HD350 and Panasonic GT50 Plasma, RadianceXD, 125 point using Lightspace, Andrew in Northern Ireland

speechI'm enthralled by the extra detail to be found, even in SD discs, but especially the Bluray discs I have - I'm having to increase my BD collection because of this!! marks
Sony VPL100 Ruby Projector 125 point calibration using Lightspace, Brian in Isle of Man

speechGordon spent in all approx 4 hours at my place giving all my visual set up (listed below) the ISF treatment. There were all sorts of gadgets and sensors employed to take measurements and calibrations etc. His knowledge and expertise is 10/10. He shared a mass of information with me and basically talked me through all the ISF calibration steps. In fact I learnt more in those 4 hours yesterday about many A/V subjects than it would personally take me many months to learn. Prior to Gordon's visit. I believed that I had a really good picture on my pio. However after the ISF treatment the pic quality has improved ten fold. In a nut shell I'd say that channels such as SKY movies are as good as my pre-ISF DVD standard; and that DVD pic quality is now just out of this world.marks
Darron, Cheshire

speechHad my Pioneer PDP505XDE calibrated today by Gordan. Was cautious as it's expensive but after reading some posts on the internet, I took the chance. The difference made is MASSIVE. There is a huge improvement in the colours and sharpness of images. Realise now that to spend so much on a plasma and not have this done would be criminal. marks
CLS, South East

speechGordon was here several hours and the difference in picture quality after the calibration is simply there to be seen. The picture is sharper and the colours richer with much less noise. Sky seems to have improved the most - picture on most of channels is simply fantastic. marks
Charlie, Midlands

speechI was quite stunned by the overall image quality before despite all the niggles but Gordon has taken it to another level. Every piece of detail is now visible in dark sequences, but what is also quite impressive is that watching a film that has a backdrop of snow or very bright scenes you can see much more texture and detail within the white rather than it just being plain bright white.marks
Tom, NE England

for pricing and a list of just some of the manufacturers and products we have the ability to calibrate. If you don't see your own display mentioned then feel free to email us as it's extremely likely it's possible.