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Immersive Virtuoso puts in leading performance at UK retailers

Immersive Virtuoso Projector It might be the first projector from this US company but it's a guiding light as to where they're heading

With a huge choice of projectors currently in the market a new arrival really has to be something special to stand out from the crowd. Immersive have invested substantial time and effort in their first projector, the Virtuoso, to lift it up above the competition.

Obviously, the technical specifications of any given product tell you next to nothing about what its realworld performance is going to be. This is something you can really only ever judge with your own eyes. But it's comforting to find that every dealer who has so far seen Virtuoso has been seduced.

Elliot Hicks, Director of PJ HiFi Guildford, 9" CRT projector owner and CI specialist says, "I was shocked that such a high contrast, punchy image could come out of a lamp-based projector. The black levels are superb and the colour accuracy is visibly superior to any other DLP we've seen".

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