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Lumagen Radiance Pro available now in beta! Contact for special pricing...

Lumagen Radiance Pro

Lumagen have had a limited release of their new Radiance Pro range in beta for the last 6 months. Now, as we approach the end of the beta process full release of the hardware is available. Ever since the first beta unit shipped hardware has been final design and all Lumagen have been working on is functionality. We have installed units in many different scenario’s so far and in each case clients have reported back superior image quality and superior video switching. All that remains before the Radiance Pro is called production level firmware is the addition of some promised features but even as it stands the Radiance Pro is delivering superior quality images in all systems we've used it with.

The Pro range use new architectural design. Lumagen have learnt from their experience with the original Radiance and the new Radiance Pro range is modular in design. Clients can start with a dual input model and then, for a small outlay, add more dual input modules to create a unit with up to eight inputs. So as your system grows so can your processor. Also, due to this forward thinking, should HDMI standards change, as they tend to do, it's simple to swap out one or more dual input or output boards as required.

While the beta stage of firmware development is still in place we are able to offer significant discounts on the whole Radiance Pro range. Please contact us for what we consider the best pricing worldwide.

Please visit our Radiance Pro Series product page or email us for more information.

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