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September Special Deal and new Radiance Pro models...

Radiance Pro 4240 4242

Good things come to those who wait. Yes, Lumagen have been working hard developing the new 4K UHD Radiance Pro and now that they have very stable firmware and HDR and REC2020 support they have made an already outstanding product even better. Thatís not the end though. Development of new features and better performance continues unabated. Radiance Pro is proving to be just as good an investment as the original Radiance range was.

This Septembers Home Cinema Choice magazine featured a review of the brand new entry level model Radiance Pro. The 1u high cased 42xx range. The model reviewed was the 4242 but it has exactly the same performance as the 4240. The only difference between them is the 4242 has two more inputs. The reviewer, who had lived with the unit for over a month, was so impressed he wants to buy it and gave it a REFERENCE level appraisal and this from a man who works in the film industry and who looks and works on the highest quality imagery every day. You can read the review in full here.

To celebrate this outstanding review we are offering special deals on all Radiance Pro models throughout September. Just contact us directly for pricing, worldwide (except North America)

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