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The Event 2 (Re-Projected)

8th and 9th November, Guildford - Ticket Only

The original Event was a day long educational show staged in StereoStereo, Glasgow. It was inspired by a comment on an on-line forum and developed in to one of the best home theatre video technology shows seen in UK. Educational lectures and demo's took place in relaxed, non sales environment carried out using equipment set up correctly by professionals. Everyone who attended loved it.

It's taken two years but it's now happening again. This time in Guildford at two venues over two days (two single day shows). The idea is to show the differences in technologies and performance levels. We aim to try to de-mystify and educate while still being an enjoyable day out.

There will be dedicated rooms with:

  • LCD/DLP/CRT/DILA projection systems
  • Standard Def and HiDef plasma's as well as progressive technology and Alis (interlaced technology)
  • Out of the box set up and fully calibrated display chain set up
  • Home Cinema Computer demo's including configuration, optimisation and audio demo's against standard CD players. All through reference speakers and projectors
  • Video Processing demo using doublers, scaler (both SD and HD) analogue and digital inputs. Again on a reference quality projector
  • Audio room EQ demo's and even cable demo's
  • Reference Video Display system. We will have one of, if not the best, home cinema display set up showing scaled DVD and Hi-Definition programming so you can see what the reference actually is
  • Introductory lecture by industry experts and future technology session at end of day with CEO of Arcam (TBC)
We hope to be able to either give away on the day, or post afterwards a CD-Rom with presentations on all the rooms an technologies along with calibration reports for the equipment so that you can actually refer back to what you've seen.

Some seats may still be available. To check availability, please email Price is 35 per head. This charge is to cover estimated costs. Any funds left over will be donated to charity.

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