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Cables and Accessories

Cables Good cables can make or break a system. The key to a good cable is understanding the job it has to do, and being sure it's engineered and built to the highest standards.

With this in mind, we supply cables from Chord Company, Molex, Van Damme and Bettercables. Depending on the job that needs doing, and the performance required, these companies have the perfect cable solutions for every environment.

When you want to send your video or audio around the houses, or when you run out of inputs on your scaler or amp you need to look at external boxes. Whether it's adding an extra component input to your amp, or sending HDMI to a few rooms, we can advise and supply the devices necessary. Zektor, Gefen, JSTechnology are just a few of the manufacturers we choose to work with.

If you know the cable or box you need then please get in touch for costs. If you don't then get in touch with information as to what you want to connect together, what terminations you require (ie HDMI, DVI, BNC, RCA) and what distances we are talking.

Please call or email us for more information.