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Home cinema seating Surprisingly, seating tends to be an after thought in most home cinemas. And even then, the priority often seems to be what looks good in the room, rather than what makes for a comfortable and relaxing place to sit for a couple of hours. Equally crucial, is how the back of the chair, and the angle you are seated at interact with the speakers.

While a lazyboy might be fine for a comfy living room, it could be seriously interfering with sound quality. (High backs stop the audio from your surround speakers reaching your head the way it was designed to.)

The bottom line here (no pun intended) is that if you've got a dedicated cinema room and you want the best then you need to look at custom designed seating. Undoubtedly they are expensive but then when was the best cheap? When we first sat in an Elite seat we were sold. They superbly well-made, dedicated cinema seats, and are available in a choice of styles and fabrics.

If you are having trouble working out layouts for seating in your room then we can supply custom-drawn floor plans in conjunction with the UK distributor for Elite. This service is free of charge at present.

For an idea of what is achievable here is a link to an image of one of our latest Elite installations:

Please call or email us for more information.