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Lumagen Radiance XD

Combining proprietary strides in video technology with enhanced connectivity flexibility (up to 18 video and 18 audio inputs), Lumagen's Radiance series both refines and enhances the video images presented by high definition front projectors and top-level rear-screen and flat-panel displays, while at the same time functioning as an extensive central switching hub ideal for large home and corporate theater systems. Incorporating improved video de-interlacing, new MPEG artifact reduction and temporal noise reduction, Radiance expands upon the company's well-known Vision series - a line which received industry recognition in 2005 and 2006 for advancements in switching, calibration and proprietary No-ring™ scaling technologies. Radiance offers 10-bit processing, per-pixel standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video de-interlacing with adaptive diagonal filtering, edge enhancing scaling technology that does not add ringing (unlike competing products), plus MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction and temporal noise reduction for both SD and HD sources. Finally Lumagen have incorporated the first fully functional Colour Management System in a domestic video processor. This, currently unique, feature allows owners of Radiance XD to have a qualified calibrator dial in the most accurate image quality possible from their display system. The powerful mathematic processes in the Radiance are able to mitigate the, often huge, colour errors in popular projection, plasma and LCD display systems. For all these reasons, the Radiance™ processor series sets the industry benchmark for switching, calibration and video processing performance.

Lumagen's RadianceXD™ supports 18 video inputs - six HDMI with HDCP, four SD/HD component, four S-Video, and four composite. Component inputs can be combined with a composite to support up to four SCART RGBcvS video sources. The HDMI and component inputs accept resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 Hertz, including 1080P24. Audio input can accompany the video on one of the HDMI inputs, or use one of the four analog stereo pairs, six coax or two optical audio inputs.

Lumagen Radiance XE Rear
The RadianceXD supports two HDMI outputs at resolutions up to 1920 by 1080, at 60-Hertz progressive. The second HDMI output can be a copy of the first output, or it can be used as an audio only output to send audio to receivers that do not support full 1080p60 for their HDMI inputs. Audio output is supported on the HDMI connections plus two COAX audio outputs.

Other RadianceXD key features include user-adjustable image enhancement, including four configuration memories for each input, a programmable output resolution from 480p to 1080p plus the ability to zoom in on any source by up to 33 percent; selectable aspect ratios of 4:3, 4:3 NLS, 16:9, 1.85, and 2.35. The 4:3 NLS aspect ratio uses Lumagen's Preciseview™ user programmable non-linear-stretch mode to allow the user to program exactly how 4:3 sources fill a 16:9 display. For film sources 2:2, 3:2 and 3:3 pull-down detection is supported to allow for correct cadence output at 24, 48, 60 and 72 Hertz for 24 fps film sources, plus 50 and 75 Hertz for 25 fps film source.

The RadianceXD is a modular platform that allows for upgrading capabilities without the need to purchase an entirely new video processor. For example, the unit's current video processor chip utilizes 10-bit pixel-depth processing, however when a 16-bit pixel-depth video processor becomes available from Lumagen, it can be installed by simply replacing a small daughter card and updating the unit's software.

The Radiance series automatically detects the input format for SD composite, and SVideo, as well as HD component and HDMI signals. There is an extensive suite of test patterns. These include: 11-point parametric grayscale and gamma calibration; Color and Hue offsets; Y/C delay; CUE/ICP filtering, and programmable input and output color-space. An RS232 interface is provided for software upgrades and control functions. An external universal power supply enhances reliability, placement options, and allows for quiet - no fan - operation.

The RadianceXD is available now for a suggested price of £3700 (inc. UK VAT). The Radiance XD is also available in optional black finish.

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